The Tile and Stone Industry

Video Transcript

Tile installers become part of the tile and stone industry through various paths. Some were born into the family trade with a trowel in hand. Others got started straight out of high school. Some people transitioned from completely different careers. And a few who wanted to get a fresh start credit this trade with saving their lives.

We’re all connected in this little subset of humanity called the tile and stone industry. 

There are those who quarry and process natural stone or manufacture tiles.

Others develop tile design concepts that align with the end user’s needs — or design the tile itself!

There are those who manufacture setting materials and tile-related products, equipment, and tools or sell these products and make sure everything gets from point A to point B.

After a project is complete, end users depend on restoration pros to maintain, repair, and protect the installation.
People who provide troubleshooting and inspection services see firsthand how the role of each person along the way contributes to the failure or success of an installation.

Our stories are unique and rich with hard-earned lessons that go far beyond a project site. 


“The world is costing more every day. It can be hard to make money in this trade.” And some days, “there’s not a lot of satisfaction or joy.” (Jason McDaniel)

People who make it a point to build relationships both online and locally with other industry pros are able to support and help one another overcome such challenges, by offering guidance, motivation to reach goals, and encouragement.
It is through camaraderie in the tile and stone industry, especially within our own communities and market areas, that we create an environment where success becomes a collective achievement, demonstrating the truth behind the adage, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

By Alice Dean, Writer, Video Editor, and Content Manager

I help tile installers and other trades contractors to be seen, heard, and understood by creating marketing content that attracts and educates your target audience and sells your services.