The CTI Test at THASIE 2024

Sergio Ortiz

CTEF wrote this introduction for the article, The CTI Test at THASIE 2024, posted on their website blog: A Certified Tile Installer hands-on test took place in conjunction with THASIE 2024 in Fresno, California. This article recaps the testing event and introduces you to those who participated. Thanks to Alice Dean, Top Floor Writer, you’ll have a better feel for what motivated those who organized and subjected themselves to the toughest 25 square feet of tile you’ll ever install.

Why Continuing Education Matters to Your Clients

Recently, some of the team at Copher Tile and Stone attended a very important industry gathering, The Hybrid and Advanced Installation Event (THASIE 2024) at DeSoto Sales in Fresno, California. Here are just a few of the ways their attendance at THASIE can benefit their existing/prospective clients.

Josh Leavitt Unpacks THASIE 2024

Josh Leavitt, Owner of Leavitt Remodeling

In this video, Josh Leavitt unpacks the essential information about THASIE 2024, a tile and stone industry event for installers.

Wake Up. Time to Tile and Shine.

For some tile installers, the day begins in the stillness of the predawn hours, while others sleep hard until it’s time to wake-up-and-GTFOH.

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Tile Apprentice Helps Change the Game

Words have a lot more power than people imagine. Seemingly unremarkable discussions can, in hindsight, prove to be catalysts for big, important changes.

MUD 6: The Industry Event for Tile Installers

Mario "TileGuy" Garcia and Logan Bounds

Accessible, inclusive, and very hands-on, MUD6 was a fun, educational event. MUD6 helped solidify the idea that the MUD Event is continuing to evolve into something truly unique.

A Great Combo: CTI and ACT at MUD6

Richard "RJ" Dyer

At MUD6 at Tile Trends, Idaho Falls, Idaho, seven tile installers took their Certified Tile Installer (CTI) test and four took the Advanced Certifications for Tile Installers (ACT) for Mortar (Mud) Floors test.

The Tile and Stone Industry

A tile installer uses a wet saw.

Through camaraderie in the industry, especially within our communities, we create an environment where success becomes a collective achievement.

Pavlo “Pasha” Starykov

Pavlo "Pasha" Starykov instructs students at a tile panel installation training.

“Amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas” – “Plato is my friend, but truth is a better friend.” Let’s have a look at Pavlo “Pasha” Starykov.

Tile Trek

Large letters reminiscent of the Hollywood sign in the Mojave desert spell "The End of the World."

This blog post continues the overview of my tile trek, picking up where I left off in the Mojave Desert. Find out what to expect if you join this tile trek.

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Fred Hueston Interviews Foster Lyons on Moisture Discoloration

Slippery Rock Gazette

Professional stone and tile installers have skin in the game when it comes to understanding what causes moisture discoloration on marble and other natural stone installations, especially white Carrara marble floors. Get links to a transcription of Fred Hueston interviewing moisture expert Foster Lyons as well as links to Pasha Starykov’s articles on this subject.